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dot com web names

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How 2 Buy




Email us
Send us an email containing the following information:
Domain name(s) you would like to buy
Full name
Company name
Postal address
Email address



Sign the transfer contract
Once we receive your email with the required information, we will send you a signed copy of a transfer of property contract for the chosen name(s). The contract stipulates the domain name will become your property once our bank account has been credited. The domain name(s) will be reserved for you for 20 days. If you decide not to buy the domain name(s) within 20 days or do not take any decision during that period, the name(s) will be offered for sale again and the contract is rendered null.



Make the payment
Once both parties have a copy of the signed transfer of property contract for the chosen name(s), send us the adequate funds to our bank account.



Get your new domain name transferred
Upon reception of the funds, the transfer of the domain name(s) can take place.


There are 2 options available:



You create (or already have) an account with the registrar where the domain name is held. We then immediately transfer it to your account through a "push". This is the preferred option because it is the fastest and it is free of charge for you.


You prefer the domain name(s) to be transferred to another registrar. In that case, you must first initiate the transfer with your registrar. Once we receive your request, we will approve the transfer to you. For this option, you must pay registrar transfer fees and it is not as fast as with the first option.


If you are over 18, visit our special Adult Name shop


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