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What makes a good domain name?

There are 2 rules:


First, a good domain name must evoke the business or the activity behind it;


Second, it must be easy to memorize.

If you look at the top 100 most-visited websites, only a handful have a domain name more than 10 letters long, excluding the extension. Surely, "", a highly ranked site, does not owe its success to its name.

So, it is no coincidence that top websites have domain names that can easily be memorized. Now, you are going to tell us that some websites are tremendously successful with names not even remotely related to their business. Well, you can always try but it is a risky bet.

There is an even higher risk running under a bad name: you can never revive a bad name! This translate into the fact that you can never revive a business that had a bad name without changing it.

Now, let’s take at "". Is it a good domain name? Considering it was sold for 12 million dollars in 2006, no one would dare saying it isn’t a good name. As a matter of fact, it is not! Then, what is it? It is an expensive name, and it happens to be the most expensive one. It is a bit like a huge diamond someone bought. It is not a piece of jewelry one can wear, it is a very rare object, so rare that it is very expensive... and ends up in a safe. shouldn’t be too difficult to remember, I agree. But when it comes to evoking a business or an activity, things go bad. The word "sex" is way too generic to fit a concept. Who would call his garage "Engine" or his bakery "Flour"?

In short, you wouldn’t want a domain name, even the most expensive one, that you cannot really use.

Now, we know what makes a good domain name and what doesn't. But that does not help in making a good domain name, unfortunately. Making a good domain name requires a little bit of ingenuity.


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