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Does the extension matter?

Yes, it does. You donít need us to tell you that ".com" is the best. Now, there are a few other very interesting extensions under certain conditions.

".com" is undoubtedly THE extension. It is so true that "dotcom" is now synonymous to a company operating mostly through a website or even to a business model in vogue during the late 1990ís.

".com" also has the advantage of not being country- or region-dependent and of not being associated to any specific activity or business. Any website can end with .com. The same is not true for .org or .info, for example, two other minor league country-independent players. Who would call an online computer store "thingumajig dot org", or an art gallery website "thingumabob dot info"?

The case is different for ".net";  ".net" is some kind of ".com" copycat. Some would argue that "net" means "Internet" here, but isn't ".com" a little bit associated to the Internet too! So why choose the copy over the original? At, we scarcely resort to ".net", unless we have a very good reason to do so. The same stands true for ".org" and ".info".

What about the newcomers like ".eu", ".mobi", ".asia"?

".eu" is an interesting extension because it refers to a geographical part of the world, to a community of countries, to a huge economical market. And what do they all have in common? The "eu-ro"! For this reason and many others, ".asia" doesnít seem at all as appealing to us as ".eu". When ".eu" becomes more mature, it might very well become a top extension.

".mobi" and ".tv" are both very specific extensions. Only use them if you have a good reason for it.

We are not going to talk much about country extensions because, if ill-used, they can defeat the purpose of the domain name, that is, to allow a business to go beyond geographical borders. Oh, I forgot one: ".biz". Sounds and looks more like showbiz! We think itís only good for selling honey.

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